Terms of Service

There are some pretty simple usage guidelines to this site. By signing up for an account here, you basically agree to the following:

The DOs

  • DO contribute in a meaningful manner.
  • DO be polite and helpful to your fellow forum-mates.
  • DO enjoy yourself, share information, and get as much benefit as you can from this community.
  • DO use a little commonsense!

The DON'Ts

  • DO NOT post copyrighted material or things that will result in a bunch of laywers crawling up our butts seeking to sue us over.
  • DO NOT post pornographic content. Just like motorcycling in general, this site should be family-friendly folks. Let's have some class.
  • DO NOT be a jerk. Remember Keith Pinkstaff? His philosophy was brilliant in its simplicity. Don't be a jerk - let's all get along.
  • DO NOT post content that has no bearing or relationship to this community except in designated off-topic areas. Nobody wants to see pics of your dog in the Racing topic.

If you cannot abide by these simple guidelines, your account may be banned temporarily or permanently, dependent up on the nature of the offense and how much of an ass-clown you are.

Your content may also disappear into the bit-bucket if it violates the above points.

Intellectual Property

You do not get to use the stuff that is proprietary to this website as if it were your own. E.g. the SBWS logo, styling, images, etc. Using this website grants you no right or license to use its content elsewhere or otherwise pawn off as if it were your own. Even if the stuff you see doesn't belong specifically to SBWS, but is a 3rd party trademark. Basically - don't be a dolt.

Warranties, Liability Limitations, Indemnification, Etc.

If you use this website and manage to hurt yourself doing so - aside from the obvious implications that you're probably too stupid to be using an internet forum, let alone riding a sport bike - you agree to HOLD HARMLESS SBWS for your wanton stupidity.

If you post something that takes you a long time to write and our server burps and loses something - it's not our fault and you can't launch in on some crusade to sue us because you think we should be held liable for whatever didn't work out for you.

This website is offered "AS IS." There are no guarantees or warranties that this will always work, always be available, or save you from yourself in any sense. Don't be a 'tard.