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    Well, I suppose I’ll create the first post in the Oregon forum. I know it has been years since this has occurred, but I’m kind of wiping the slate here (wiping it hard. So hard - you’ll have to re-create your old username, etc). I remember a sportbikes.ws from over a decade ago that was a thriving and vibrant community. I miss that group of people and I miss the synergy between us all. I miss the group rides and the Old Market Pub gatherings. I miss the connection and the friendships.

    I know many of us have moved on and possibly don’t even have our 2-wheeled stallions any longer. But perhaps I’m waxing nostalgic, believing that there are a lot of us still out there, still riding, and just wishing our forum could be what it once was … and I’m talking before it degenerated into hooliganisms, political debates, and drifted away from the thing we’re all here to share and enjoy: RIDING SPORTBIKES.

    Anyway - I put this post out there hoping to be a seed. I put this new software out there hoping it will integrate better with today’s modern social-network landscape and mobile internet. I put this out there in hopes that we can rebuild something really cool.

    If you’re really desperate to find something on the old forums, you can still find them out there at http://archive.sportbikes.ws

    Welcome back to all my Oregon friends who find your way here. I’ll look forward to seeing you on the web … and on the asphalt.


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